8 Things Ancient People Did That Would Be Totally Weird Today


Humanity has evolved quite rapidly in the past century. Technological advancements have somewhat speeded up the process of changing lifestyles all over the world. As a result, many of us find that our grandparents and even parents are often on a very different plane of thinking than us.

However, things can get really weird if we go way back into our ancestry. It’s absolutely fascinating to learn about the everyday life of the ancient people. However, you may want to steel yourself for the strangest history lesson you are about to get:

Back in the day, the above practices might have made some sense. However, it is quite difficult to find that sense today. Of course, our own practices may seem infinitely weird to our future generations as well.

8. The Craziest of Dyes


Dying our hair is quite a common practice in the modern world. Many of us may not realize this, but is has actually been common for a long, long time. However, the ways in which people used to dye their hairs could make you shiver with their craziness.

Simply put, people in ancient times didn’t have knowledge of even basic chemistry. This led them to use many problematic substances for beautifying purposes. Some people did use plant ingredients for their hair dye. This is a nice and safe method, but unfortunately didn’t last very long.

Hence, in order to get a more permanent look, the Romans and Greeks made use of dyes with sulphuric and lead content. Of course, this lead to a lot of health problems. We’re not sure if and when they realized that their hair was making them sick.

Italians, on the other hand, preferred to get a goldenish color by using the corrosive agent lye. Sulfur again made an appearance when it came to powdering the wigs of the European elite classes. While the Afghan people may believe that dying the hair would alleviate a headache, we’re getting one just reading about dyes like these.

7. Enlargement Surgeries with Glass Balls


Breast enlargement surgery is something that we usually associate with celebrities. Of course, they have long been quite common among the lesser known masses as well. However, we may not think that the ancient folks would dare to mess with the natural chest size of a woman.

Wear definitely wrong here, since women have been trying to mold themselves into what they deem an acceptable standard of beauty for centuries. Breasts are obviously a serious matter when it comes to a female’s perceived beauty. Hence, many women have tried rubbing their chests with coconut oil or even growth cream full of steroids to make them bigger.

The first actual breast surgery, though, was performed way back in 1895. The surgeon in question was one Vincenz Czerny. The operation itself was the result of trying to make a woman’s breasts the same size after she had undergone a tumor removal. When this operation proved somewhat successful, the craze of breast enlargement was born. Soon, doctors started experimenting with various fillers for swelling up breasts of those who requested it. These fillers included things like rubber, ivory, glass balls, and several other items.

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