8 Casino Secrets No Casino Owner Would Willingly Spill

When used recreationally, casinos can be a lot of fun for adults everywhere. Many people who choose to gamble, often wonder what kind of casino secrets the owners might be keeping from their patrons.


When you stop and think about it, what actually makes going to the casino so exciting? It isn’t just the allure of a potential big win that brings us inside, there are a few different factors that casino owners don’t necessarily want to advertise to you.


The following 8 casino secrets will help you understand a little more about our favorite places to gamble, and hopefully give us a different perspective on the high roller life.


1) Ambience Is Down To A Science: Blinking lights, fast music, flashy interiors, these are all factors that influence the speed in which you gamble. Faster gambling will usually mean that you spend more money. The music of every slot machine is also tuned to the exact same key, to avoid obnoxious noise and create a more harmonious experience.


2) No Clocks: Most casinos in the world do not contain clocks. They want you to quickly lose track of time while entering their building so that you can enjoy the atmosphere without worrying about time, therefore you spend more money.


3) Busier Poker Tables = Slower Game: The more people who are seated at a poker table, the slower a game goes, and more thinking goes into each decision. You might see some casinos with tables aplenty to speed up the games, hoping that you might spend more money. Try to find tables that are busier.


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