14 Dangerous Road You would never Dare to Drive

Does driving give you pleasure or a long drive gives you that sense of relaxation? How about the thrill of speeding? It must have been giving you the extreme chill down your spine right! Driving on a smooth road which does not have any twist or turn and is too long is the most wonderful experience in the world. So yes today let’s explore the most dangerous roads found across the globe which are very thrilling and a joyful ride. But yes beware of the danger and threat it is posing.

14. Passage De Gois


The length of this road is 4.3 kilometers and is supposed to link the French Mainland with The Island of Noirmoutier located on France’s Atlantic Coast. The first look of the road makes you feel that it is easy to drive on but once you start moving you will get to know the real reason why it is dangerous. This is because the tide makes the road vanish and it just disappears! Yes the cars which do not time their cross well have to go through the road and the face the tide. Apart from the timings the presence of seaweeds and the fact that it stays wet makes it very slippery just like ice.

13. Patiopoulo- perdikaki road


This Greek road is 23.5KM and its elevation changes when it is at almost 500M. The presence of potholes and twists which are quite tight, along with turns, trucks, pedestrians and livestock traffic or there might be some guard-rails this makes one dangerous road to drive on. An amazing fact about this route is that there are no lines or marking which marks death for many night-time travelers.

12. Luxor Al Hurghada Road


The Egyptian road is between the Ancient City of Luxor and the Red Sea. This is the main reason travelers might ask you to stay away from this road. There are many reasons for this. Firstly this road goes through some remote area, and if your car breaks down there you are in for some real trouble no matter what time of the day it is. Secondly this area is well-known for its criminals and terrorists who come at night. If you drive without the headlights on chances are that you will be facing head-on collisions so better buy some high-end goggles in order to stay safe!

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